For international students


Acceptance of International Students
at Miyagi Gakuin High School

Miyagi Gakuin is a school founded by missionaries of the Reformed Church in the United States.
Therefore, we value students respecting diverse nationalities. Miyagi Gakuin High School is looking for international students who wish to learn Japanese in school based on Christian spirit.

Paula Mia Põlluさん

My Personal Goals for the Future

Paula Mia Põllu (From Tallinn City Estonia)

I have always wanted to study abroad. I have a strong passion for seeing and getting to know different cultures all around the world. I want to grow as a person, develop a global mindset and have a better understanding and empathy towards others around me. With this once in a lifetime opportunity, isn’t Japan a great place to start?
I have been interested in the Japanese language and culture ever since I was a child.
It would be a wonderful experience to learn another foreign language and connect with the people there on a more emotional level.

Acceptance system

1. Course Information

Students wishing to go to a Japanese university will mainly take the SOGO SHINGAKU course(総合進学コース).
If students want to take advantage of advanced English ability to go to a Japanese or foreign university, they can enroll in the GLOBAL COMMUNICATION course. Each course has lessons of thirty-seven(37)hours per week. After school, they can do club activities. After club activities, they can receive various classes, such as Japanese class at the Study Mall on the campus until they return to the dormitory. If they register for the Global Communication course, they can take English lessons for ten(10)to eighteen (18)hours. For three(3)to eight(8)hours, they will learn English presentations, debates and essay writing skills from a native teacher.

2. Courses Selection

International students can register for the SOGO SHINGAKU course(総合進学コース)or the GLOBAL COMMUNICATION course.

3. Japanese Class

All lessons except English classes will be conducted in Japanese. Therefore, as soon as students enter the school, they will focus on Japanese lessons. This is very important for students to become accustomed to Japanese schools and keep up with Japanese classes.
Miyagi Gakuin High School gives Japanese lessons of about fourteen(14)hours per week from the time of admission to summer vacation. International students will participate in all classes that use Japanese with a Japanese students from September in the first grader.
This classes are based on the curriculum of Japan. international students will continue Japanese lessons after school. We support until international students can get N1 or N2 on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test at the time of graduation. International students can participate in club activities.

4. International Dorm

Miyagi Gakuin High School has a dormitory located at the back of the high school building. International students can stay in this dormitory. The dormitory is basically a double room so they will be paired with a Japanese students. It has a female supervisor who speaks English and takes care of international students.
Breakfast and dinner are served in the dorm. Lunch will be served at the cafeteria in the school. International students can go on a trip on weekends, If they have permission from their parents or school.
The dormitory is equipped with air conditioning units, WiFi, showers and a bath, washing machines, dryers, refrigerators and other supplies and equipment.

Academic and Career Counseling

For Japanese Universities

When entering a Japanese university, it is necessary to get N1~2 on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. To that end, it is important to be able to receive Japanese classes with Japanese students first.
So Miyagi Gakuin High School prepares intensive Japanese classes in the first half of the first grader so that international students can get N4~N5 on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Also, after school, Japanese language supplemental lessons are conducted. these lessons can be registered until graduation. International students can take the entrance examinations of Japanese universities by taking advantage of Japanese, English, mathematics and other abilities.

For Overseas Universities

Miyagi Gakuin High School supports studying abroad. We are in contact with universities around the world. In 2018 we will hold individual consultation sessions for twelve(12) universities at our school. In order to ensure that students go to overseas universities, we plan to offer English supplemental lessons to achieve a score of 60~100 points on the TOEFL iBT.

For Miyagi Gakuin Women's University

International students can enter Miyagi Gakuin Women's University by recommendation.
(Some departments are unable to enroll)For details, please check the English website of Miyagi Gakuin Women's University at(

Main Cost

tuition fee 777,000 yen/year
Other expenses are about 390,000~450,000 yen/first year

※Texts, uniforms, gym clothes etc are excluded.

Dormitory-related Expenses

Initial cost to enter the dormitory 100,000 yen
Dormitory fee 480,000 yen/year
Utility costs 33,600 yen/year
Food expenses(breakfast, Lunch, dinner) 1,200 yen/day

About Scholars

Every year, students with outstanding grades are certified as scholars. Scholar students will be exempted from paying tuition and dorm fees in full. Please inquire with us for more information.

For Returnees students (海外からの帰国生向け情報)





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